Ethereum (ETH)


USD  +12.7%
Volume 24h:    14,109,238,049
Market Cap:    37,281,907,084

Ethereum Classic (ETC)


USD  +4.56%
Volume 24h:    1,046,785,208
Market Cap:    1,062,982,575

Can you get an erc20 token's exchange rate from a smart contract ?

3Box aims to make portable logins & profiles more simple by utilizing IPFS to give users keys to their own data, which is distributed across nodes instead of storing the profile on a centralized server like FB or Twitter -- Just raised $2.5 million

Opera's Browser With Built-In Ethereum Wallet Launches for iPhones

Guessing a Private Key: Beyond Chainsplaining Part IV

Why no one is talking about the Layer 2 solution from Liquidity Network? Looks legit and may help to scale Ethereum to thousands tps right now. Did I miss something?

Ethereum solididty storage bugs.

nanominer v1.4.0 - change memory timings on AMD GPUs

Weekly Distribution Report -- June 26th, 2018

Skeptical Wednsday: just because you see some numbers on a screen doesn't mean they are real.

Cortex Network Launches Mainnet to Democratize Deep Learning and AI

Announcement: Market Protocol is now live on mainnet - Our first product allows you to trade long or short leveraged BTC on Ethereum - Without margin calls, socialized losses, and without borrowing. 100% Collateralized by DAI.

My heart sank when i saw my portfolio graph plummet to 0. Turns out it was a visual bug.

One of my GPU does't work, Device manager reported problems (Code 43).

Opera Partners With Marble.Cards

UK broker rolls out three new cryptocurrency indices, pitching lower costs than exchange trading

Accountancy giant PwC now audits crypto companies

The Liechtenstein financial regulator approved the offering of ICONOMI securities

Blew the dust of this old girl - 122.7mh/s.

Nethermind Partners Up with POA Network For POSDAO Implementation

Ethereum, Libra and a Unified Type System