Ethereum (ETH)


USD  -7.22%
Volume 24h:    3,376,720,000
Market Cap:    103,060,172,111

Ethereum Classic (ETC)


USD  -11.35%
Volume 24h:    349,813,000
Market Cap:    3,068,390,127

Mining Gtx 1060 6G Palit Dual ETHOS

This is Rosemary

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What is the hash benefit of modding GPU bios vs a simple overclock?

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New Build - The GPU's are not detected in any of the PCI 1X ports, but they work allright in 16X !

Each Share on Nanopool is worth 1 cent.

New miners let's see your new rigs!

Ethereum Classic Launches CALLISTO To Solve Scaling !

Why nanopool website shows more hash rate than what my claymore app shows? And why does it vary?? What's the diff between the two hashrates?

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wattman a good undervolting tool?

XFX RX 580 4GB only 25 Mh/s

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Extortion scam: Anonymous email demanding money, threatening to spread FUD about projects